Help to get your first job in marketing


Looking for your first marketing role? Whether you’re a new graduate, or have been through a career change, there are a few things you can do to help you stand out from the crowd.


Increase your marketing experience with courses

If you’re a marketing graduate, you’re on an even footing with everyone else…so you need something to make yourself stand out.

The easiest way to do this is to increase your knowledge through online courses: this can be anything from online CIM training to free courses in a certain area. If there is a particular area you want to focus on, see if there are any courses or training you can do to help with this: for example, if you want to work in digital marketing, you might consider sitting the Google Analytics Individual Exam (GAIQ).


Make your own experience

Alternatively, you can create your own marketing experience. This could include starting your own blog or social account for an interest, or volunteering part-time for a local charity to showcase your skills. This gives you a chance to put your skills to the test: whether that’s designing posters for an event, writing press releases, or something completely different. Having real-world experience will help your CV to stand out.


Streamline your CV

On that note, make sure your CV is easy to read. With so many people applying for jobs, hiring managers may just scan over CVs. Giant chunks of grey text are boring, and those results from secondary school aren’t needed.

Aim for something that is clear, easy to understand and concise, so it can be read at a glimpse.

It’s always a good idea to try to make sure your CV matches the role you’re applying for, too: if a job ad mentions wanting specific skills, make sure you mention any experience you have!


Reach out to contacts

Be proactive when it comes to looking for a job: reach out to people (such as the CIM Scotland board!) to ask if they will help by reviewing your CV or thank speakers after attending their events.

It really works: Liam reached out to CIM Scotland Chairwoman Ellie following a CIM employability webinar…and he ended up getting a job after sparking a conversation.

There are lots of free or cheap networking events, and these can help widen your pool of contacts.


Check your social media

Finally, make sure your social media accounts are clean! Posts about doing anything illegal, swearing and/or harassment could prevent you from getting a job.

While you will (probably) have updated your LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to check your TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts (especially if your username is your actual name). Changing your privacy settings on Instagram can mean those embarrassing photos of Halloween aren’t your future employers first impression of you!


Need some more advice? Check out our blog on what marketing experts with they'd known when they had started. And remember, our CIM Scotland team are happy to help: join our LinkedIn Group.

Five tips for getting your first job in marketing