What did a CIM qualification ever do for us?

by Brian Doidge

It is often, not until several years after our completion of a CIM qualification, that we are able to objectively reflect upon on how relevant and useful this particular endeavour turned out to be. While studying, we were of course very focused upon not only getting through the assessments, but also seeking to obtain the grade that reflected our abilities and aspirations. Getting this international recognition, from the world’s leading professional marketing body, often seemed as though it was an end unto itself at the time. However, when we subsequently start to reflect upon the period we spent working towards our qualification(s), we will commonly realise, how this was very much an invaluable opportunity, which allowed us to embrace fresh perspectives and one which also helped us to obtain important insights, into how we actually create marketing advantage.

In fact, it is often the case that within our reflections, that we can begin to identify how it was actually during our studies that we actively engaged in an experience, which saw us not only widening our perspectives, but also found us challenging our preconceptions of marketing. In many ways, we now recognise that this helped to shape the valued professional we evolved into today. This more rounded learning, we now realise, helped to underpin a whole range of competencies. As we look back, we recall how it was by interfacing with the collective wisdom of our tutors, fellow students and the host of world class principles, we were introduced to, which allowed us to become a much more rounded professional marketer. Recognising that our learning was relevant, well after we achieved our qualification, is often a factor we didn’t consider at the outset. Although it also the case that we quickly realised after our studies, that continuing our professional development, to build upon this excellent platform, not only added to our learning and skills, but also allowed us to remain fully up to date, in what is a dynamic and evolving operating environment. Indeed, it was through the very combination of these factors, that we started to pull together the strands we needed, to gain Chartered status.

The good news is that accessing the internationally recognised development opportunities, which CIM qualifications clearly provide, is relatively straightforward. CIM courses are delivered through our network of over 100 Accredited Study Centres, in 110 countries. In fact, around 14,000 of us work towards a CIM qualification annually, through face-to-face study, online learning, or via a mix of the two i.e. blended learning. Whether you choose our Foundation Certificate in Marketing. Certificate in Professional Marketing, Diploma in Professional Marketing, Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing, or indeed our level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme, you will quickly realise that you are on a well-respected, interesting and worthwhile, professional development journey, that is nested within our unique Professional Marketing Competencies.

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About the author:

Brian Doidge is CIM Chair of the South West Regional Board. Find out more about Brian.