Midlands Spotlight: Jacob Porter, Digital Marketer

What made you want to be a marketer?

I wanted to become a marketer because I love being creative! I also love growing ROI. It’s not always the goal in marketing, however, being part of business growth and development really makes me feel proud!


What excites you most about marketing?

I get excited mostly at the fact that there is always something to learn, marketing is always evolving and keeping up with the latest trends, algorithms and technologies really keeps you on your toes!


What would your advice be for fellow marketers?

My advice would be to not fixate on the stats too much, especially with social media and content writing. Even if your post or blog didn’t get many views, engagements, etc., you still contributed. You still gave someone some entertainment, insight or a little lesson! Getting upset over a social post that only got two likes is silly because it’s the silent viewers that usually convert. I read an article that spoke about this in depth and it basically spoke about “silent subscribers” - these are the people that see your content, don’t engage, but are always watching. There are more than you think and they are the ones that will convert.


Over the next 2-3 years, what developments in marketing are you looking forward to the most?

I’m most excited for virtual reality to progress. It’s an interesting subject. And hey in 10 years time you could be reading this with your virtual reality headset on while having pop up ads taking over your own home! There will be a day that I get asked to create a VR ad, however, I may be old and wrinkly by then.


About the Author

Jacob began his marketing career in 2017 where he uploaded web descriptions for a clothing website. Little did he know, that was a small part of Digital Marketing. Since then, Jacob has worked for various companies in the education, automotive, tech, and construction industries. 

Jacob completed a Level 3 & Level 4 Marketing apprenticeship and progressed to where he is now, a Digital Marketer at Shooting Star, a PR & Marketing Agency based in Lincoln. Shooting Star work with a variety clients from charities and councils to aerospace manufacturers. Jacob loves his job and can’t imagine doing anything else.

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