Sustainability: Is it time for marketing to grow a conscience?

Covid-19 is dominating our health and well-being in 2020 and yet the need to consider the green planet agenda has never been so pressing. This webinar introduces a range of ideas and exercises to help anyone in marketing and business think through their approach and become a superhero for sustainability.

Speaker:- Sarah Duncan
Sarah is a marketing/business development consultant and expert advice trainer. She has been in business for over 30 years – starting with luxury hotels, then moving through private club and spa development in Asia, to setting up her own consultancy, Sleeping Lion, in 2005. She has watched with interest as sustainability has crept its way up the business agenda, driven collectively by more ethically conscious employees and customers.

She is the author of 'The Ethical Business Book – 50 ways you can help protect People, the Planet and Profits'. She now also provides consultancy and workshops specifically on ethical marketing and sustainable corporate behaviour.