Some descriptionResearch shows that a brand which is able to cross traditional boundaries in society and appeal to many different audiences can deliver huge commercial benefit. Yet for all those businesses that view branding as a necessity, there are others that associate it with ticking marketing boxes.

To tackle the importance of branding and its role in a wider business context, CIM Midlands is organising a workshop at Aston Business School on Wednesday, April 25 with renowned branding expert Dr Keith Glanfield.

A vice-chair of CIM Midlands Region and Senior Foundation for Management Education (SFME) Fellow and Lecturer in Strategic Brand Management and Identity at Aston University, Dr Glanfield consults with and presents to both the business community and the marketing profession. 

For this new CIM event Dr Glanfield will draw on research detailed in his new book, 'Brand Transformation', to assess why it is important for firms to concentrate on that which is commercially feasible, rather than trying to achieve marketing perfection.

He will examine why, if businesses are to capitalise on their latent potential and deliver tangible results, branding has to be an integral part of their day-to-day operations. Its aim must be to enhance performance and optimise sustainability whilst also satisfying the needs of stakeholders, rather than to serve as an ideal that supports marketing theories. 

The solution is to focus on implementing simple branding changes that will make a difference, instead of drawing up plans which, in the real world, are unlikely to get off the ground.

Delegates attending this event will learn how to accelerate branding performance to make a meaningful commercial difference, without derailing day-to-day business activity.

Since Dr Glanfield is one of our most popular presenters, book here now to make sure of your place on this new branding workshop.  Alternatively, contact the Network Support Team by calling +44(0)1628 427340 or emailing