AI Marketing and Advertising Trends for 2024: A Deep Dive into the Future of Marketing

An evening hosted by CIM London 

CIM London recently hosted an insightful event, “AI Marketing and Advertising Trends for 2024,” in London. This gathering was a beacon for marketers keen to understand and leverage AI's transformative power in the marketing and advertising realms.

A Journey into AI with Industry Experts

The event, opened by Andrea Snagg, Chair of CIM London, featured an array of industry experts who shared their unique perspectives and insights on AI.

Kate Cox, CMO of BrightBid, ignited the discussion with her presentation on AI adoption in marketing. She offered an in-depth look at the challenges and trends in AI adoption, emphasizing the significant percentage of CMOs already leveraging AI in their strategies. Her talk encompassed various AI applications in marketing, including content creation, image generation, and competitive analysis.

Supriya Dev-Purkaystha, Head of Native Advertising from Microsoft, followed with an inspiring talk about Microsoft's mission to democratize AI. She traced the company's journey and discussed the evolution of its ecosystem from search to AI-integrated advertising. Supriya also highlighted the potential of leveraging data for targeted marketing and Microsoft’s role in shaping modern marketing strategies.

James Murray, International Product Marketing Lead at Microsoft, presented next, sharing stories of AI’s innovative applications beyond the business world. He discussed Microsoft's development of AI-powered Bing Chat and its evolution into the much anticipated Copilot for tasks like generating presentations and ads. James' personal anecdotes about using AI tools in his family life provided a relatable touch to the technological discourse.

Antony Mayfield, CEO of Brilliant Noise, rounded off the individual presentations. He compared AI's transformative potential to that of electricity, urging the audience to embrace the AI technology revolution. Antony highlighted the potential of AI in content creation and marketing, and its impact on productivity and innovation in various industries.

A Thought-Provoking Panel Discussion

The panel discussion, moderated by CIM London’s Communications Ambassador, Ben Grainger, and featuring all the speakers, was a deep dive into AI’s multifaceted impact on marketing. The panelists explored AI’s potential downsides, the importance of data skills, and upcoming developments in AI technologies. They discussed AI’s influence on business models, with anecdotes about AI automating mundane tasks, and strategic advice on navigating the rapidly evolving landscape. The session also touched on the adoption of AI in workplaces and its ethical considerations, particularly in intellectual property and regulatory aspects.

A Call to AI Action in Marketing

The event was not only a showcase of AI’s capabilities but also a call to action for marketers to adapt and innovate. CIM London is keen to remain at the forefront of these discussions, offering a platform for professionals to learn, network, and shape their marketing strategies in the era of AI.

We invite you to continue this exploration and conversation via our LinkedIn group and at our future events. Your engagement, feedback, and ideas for future content and events are crucial to keeping the Greater London marketing community at the cutting edge of innovation and excellence.

You can also check out AI-related training courses on the CIM website. Join us in shaping the future of marketing by harnessing the power of AI together!

Author: Ben Grainger, Communications Ambassador at CIM London