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Uncover the key insights from our latest event, "AI marketing and advertising trends for 2024," hosted by CIM London. Explore the highlights of this deep dive into the future of marketing, where industry leaders showcased the transformative impact of AI. Marketers were urged to innovate and adapt, emphasising the imperative to harness AI's potential and stay at the forefront of emerging trends.


Kate Cox, CMO of BrightBid, explores the impact of AI tools on modern marketing, highlighting their role in driving ROI. This article unveils key findings from recent research on the perspective of UK marketers post-ChatGPT's launch, revealing high adoption rates and positive impacts, ethical concerns, and future integration plans.


Where do AI ideas come from?

Posted on: 04/12/23 | London

Antony Mayfield, CEO of Brilliant Noise, discusses the changing role of AI in creativity. Is average easy to find with AI? Dive into the debate and discover how AI is reshaping creativity—challenging norms, boosting innovation, and propelling human creativity to new heights.