The truth about AI Tools: Insights from a marketers point of view

New report on AI’s role in shaping modern marketing and how to drive ROI

AI is not new but the hype in marketing since ChatGPT launched on the 30th November 2022 has been intense. Sales and Marketing will definitely be one of the first impacted sectors by these new technologies and it will be positive, according to McKinsey in their recent report

“AI-powered marketing and sales reach new heights with generative AI”.

AI and machine learning technologies have been around for many years in business processes but it was really in June 2020 when their use in marketing accelerated, driven by OpenAI’s launch of GPT3 in the midst of the first wave of the pandemic. GPT3 was a huge leap forward in processing ability and accuracy of this tech and enabled a huge wave of startups to launch on the back of enhanced and more accurate results.

From this perspective, we wanted to understand the use of AI tools by UK marketers a year after ChatGPT’s launch. We commissioned Censuswide to survey 200 UK marketing experts to discover their use of AI in marketing and this is what we discovered:

  • 79% of UK marketing executives report boost in ROI through using AI tools
  • Out of the 200 marketing leaders surveyed in the UK, 84% said they use AI tools of some kind, with the top three uses for email marketing (33%), content marketing (29%), and social media post generation (27%)
  • 85% of marketing executives are confident in AI tools
  • 64% plan to use them more in their marketing campaigns
  • 71% of marketing executives express concern over the ethics of using AI tools
  • Building on this success, 64% plan to integrate more tools into their workflow in the future.
  • Respondents used a wide range of tools but generative AI, in most cases ChatGPT, was the most popular technology.

A full link to the free report “The Truth About AI Tools: Insights from a marketers point of view―New report on AI’s role in shaping modern marketing and how to drive ROI” can be found here.

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Author: Kate Cox, CMO of BrightBid

About BrightBid
BrightBid was in that first wave of adtech and martech startups launching in September 2020 with the aim to democratise the use of AI in performance marketing. Our goal is to apply AI and machine learning to paid search to help underserved customers in the space. Underserved customers use PPC to drive leads and revenue but deal with challenges such as long and difficult sales cycles, imperfect data, small budgets with low web traffic or are trying to internationalise or grow on a shoestring. These customers tend to be B2B focused businesses, or smaller ecommerce brands, without the heft of a specialist agency or inhouse expert talent. Our goal was to build a product on top of Google and Bing’s own algorithms that improved performance for these customers by using AI to enhance data signals that drives performance marketing excellence. This AI engine is guided by our own skilled team of paid search specialists.