Inside Scoop: Career Insights from the Committee

Andrea Snagg, Chair, CIM London


In this series, we get up close and personal with CIM London committee members, delving into their career insights and experiences. Our latest guest is Andrea Snagg, Vice President of Marketing at Gcore and Chair of CIM London. Check it out!

How would you define success in your career, and what steps have you taken to achieve it?

A successful marketing career can take many forms — for me, it’s a mix of things. One key aspect is achieving goals and impacting the business by building a powerful brand, driving revenue growth, and optimising customer experience. Career progression is another important factor, constantly pushing myself to take on greater responsibilities and embrace new challenges. Ultimately, true success comes from doing work that I love, fueling my passion and sense of purpose.

In what ways has being a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) influenced or supported your career progression?

The CIM membership is highly regarded in the industry and it provides a useful framework for career progression. I’ve been a member for over 25 years and enjoyed setting goals throughout my career to achieve different membership levels, ultimately becoming a Fellow. Additionally, the CIM’s Chartered Marketer programme encourages me to focus on my professional development on an ongoing basis.

Have you taken advantage of any qualifications or training courses offered by the CIM? How have these impacted your career growth?

Early in my career I completed the CIM Certificate in Marketing and later the CIM Diploma in Marketing. These qualifications played a vital role in establishing my professional credibility, given that I didn’t pursue a university degree. The flexibility of the CIM qualifications was great as it allowed me to balance my studies with family and work commitments.

How do you prioritise your professional development and growth? What strategies or resources do you utilise to stay current in your field?

I like to keep abreast of industry trends and constantly seek ways to innovate. Whether it’s from a webinar, an industry event, or an article, I draw inspiration on how to optimise existing strategies and explore new ideas. Not only does this help me stay current, but it also keeps my team motivated and excited.

How has your affiliation with the CIM helped you stay updated on industry trends and best practices?

The CIM provides a wealth of thought leadership content to keep on top of industry trends and best practices. The digital content hub offers blogs, podcasts, and editorial articles on the latest marketing topics. I find the CIM webinars particularly informative and convenient. For example, attending a recent webinar on Google Analytics 4 helped my team prepare for the switch.

What skills or knowledge have you gained through your involvement with the CIM and how have these contributed to your success?

Being part of the CIM London Committee has been both rewarding and instrumental in acquiring valuable skills relevant to my role as a marketing leader. Community marketing, for instance, has gained momentum in recent years, and my committee experience has proven highly beneficial in understanding and effectively engaging with online communities.

How will you further leverage your CIM membership to advance your career and achieve future goals?

At this stage of my career, my focus has shifted to giving back. I’m exploring ways of making a positive impact by promoting the marketing profession, strengthening the marketing community, and mentoring others. I’m committed to sharing my knowledge and experiences to empower fellow marketers in their professional growth.

Kamila Miller ACIM Chartered Marketer
Communications Ambassador CIM Greater London Committee