Performing under pressure

As we plan for emerging from the prevailing restrictions around how we live and work, we imagine attention is turning to delivering a real business performance ‘spring into spring’. This webinar is not about the various amazing marketing strategies that might help you deliver that - but it is about the critical role that your mindset, and the mentality of your teams, will play in executing your strategy and achieving that ‘spring’.

Martin Fairn and Bede Brosnahan will introduce the concept of 'Red2Blue' as a simple approach to developing the mental skills and resilience needed to do really well at critical times, when the pressure is really on. Red2Blue is used by World Cup winning sports teams such as the New Zealand All Blacks, soldiers in the British Army, young students across the world in education and coaches in all kinds of performance environments.

One of the limited benefits of Covid-19 has been the recognition that as humans we are all vulnerable to pressure - especially when caused by factors outside our control. We'll look at the simplicity of the Red2Blue approach and how it can help you and your people develop the resilience needed to think clearly when it matters. Helping build the mental skills needed to embrace the pressure and maintain focus on executing your brilliant plan.

Speakers:- Martin Fairn, Founding Partner and CEO at Gazing Performance Systems and Bede Brosnahan, Director of Operations