How to have the energy

Did you know that between 2.00pm and 3.00pm is the lowest energy point every day? - 2.55pm to be precise.

Energy matters for marketeers and for leaders in business; it is essential for our creativity, innovation and ultimately making things happen.

We live in a 24\7 world and the future isn’t slowing down. Being low in energy makes it harder to be resilient. If you want to be productive and make a real difference, you need energy. In other words, if you want your brain and body to perform at its best it needs to be fed the right kind of fuel.

Whilst you may already be aware of this, knowledge doesn’t always translate into daily action, for so many reasons. Learn how to make simple, effective changes to ensure that your food choices become part of your working day.

Speaker:- Colette Heneghan MSc, BSc. Peak Performance, Nutrition and Wellbeing.