Careers: what’s your proudest moment as a marketer?

Taking on a truly stretching professional challenge, setting up as an entrepreneur, or contributing to company and community success, are all amongst the achievements which make marketers proud. If you’re looking for job satisfaction and pride in your work, marketing always fares well as a top profession alongside engineers and teachers and in contrast to insurance clerks and administrators. What gives marketers this sense of professional pride? Seven London marketers share their perspectives by selecting their proudest moment as a marketer.

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“I work for Pearson College London (part of Pearson PLC) we're a boutique institution offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Degree Apprenticeships and short courses. My role as Senior Marketing and Conversion Officer is sending highly personalised marketing communications (online and offline) to students who have attended our events to encourage them to apply to study with us.

My proudest moments are seeing and hearing students quote some of the marketing communications and materials I sent them, and citing these as an influence on their reasons to apply to study with us.”

Taylor O’Callaghan
Senior Marketing & Conversion Officer
Pearson College London


Some descriptionSome description“Receiving my first payment as a self-employed marketing consultant. As well as having had a feeling of liberation and control over the project and knowledge that the payment was all mine, it was such a huge feeling of achievement and pride. I'd finally done it. I'd gone it alone. And it was okay. Actually, it was a lot more than okay.”

Michelle Stromgen
Marketing Consultant/ Performance Coach


Some description“The proudest moment as a marketer was when I built and launched my first website:  The Onyx Squash Academy. It made me feel proud, as I had never done a website from scratch – and it was one skill I wanted to master, as a marketing professional, rather than outsourcing it. Oddly enough, the site has been on the first page of Google a few times.

This project came about, as I was in a bad predicament in my marketing career – in other words the job market was a struggle; hence I decided to form my own business and undertook digital marketing training to gain the skills necessary to build a website. 

In terms of feedback on the site, I recruited a focus group of friends, family members and associates for their opinion on the site – in which I allowed them to be as harsh as possible. The feedback from them was great and I was asked to help with their websites.” 

Jermaine Ranger
Onyx Squash Academy
See the website at:


Some description“Completing my CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing had an immeasurable impact on my confidence. Once I completed it, I finally felt like a ‘real’ marketer. It was also a huge accomplishment for me to have successfully juggled full-time employment with part-time study, something I never thought I'd be able to manage.”

Amelia Trafford
International Marketing Officer
City, University of London


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"My proudest moment as a marketer has been in launching my own digital marketing consultancy (in Feb '17). In the first week of launching my new business I was invited as a guest speaker to launch new marketing industry research, invited to submit proposal for several pitches for well-known and established brands and various networking events to widen the reach of my new business.

Eleven months on and I am incredibly proud to have taken what can be seen as a very risky leap from full time employment for a brand to becoming your own boss. So far, my business has exceeded my own expectations and that's not come without a lot of hard work but I'm incredibly proud to call it my own."

Jenna Tiffany
Founder & Strategy Director
Let’s Talk Strategy


Some description“My proudest moment was when I reached 5,000 followers on my Instagram account 'Afternoontea London'. It was a big achievement for me as I set this up in my spare time and have been able to create a brand out of thin air and become London's afternoon tea expert. Using the skills I've learned in my day job, I was able to transfer these to my hobby which has helped it grow so much.”

Eileen Donaghey
Senior Marketing Manager
Doughty Street Chambers

See AfternoonTeaLondon


Some description“Winning a Gold standard award at the Travel Marketing Awards last year was my proudest moment as a marketer and campaign manager. To have the hard work that our team put into the campaign recognised was great, as was having the opportunity to showcase the amazing work we do at Lonely Planet.”

Emily Green
Marketing Communications Executive
Lonely Planet

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