Five reasons to enter the CIM Ireland Marketing Awards 2018

With the closing dates for this year’s award submissions just a few short weeks away, we have rounded up the top reasons why you should enter this year.

1. Recognition
As marketers, we work tirelessly each year for our organisations and the marketing campaigns that are in place. With fierce competition in our own respective industries, some of the ingenious, clever and creative campaigns that we work so hard on, can really stand out in the market and make a difference to our organisations goals. Whether it is sales, brand awareness, or cause related marketing the Awards are an opportunity for our hard work to be recognised not only in the market, but to your employer as well.

2. Personal Development
CIM advocates personal development for all members and the awards are a way of adding to our CVs and growing our careers. Nothing can add more value to a CV than saying that the accredited body in marketing has recognised your work in marketing as a finalist or award winner. Even if you aren’t thinking about changing roles at the moment, building up a strong portfolio of your work makes you as an individual appear more attractive to potential employers should you wish to change roles in the future.

3. Team Building
Working in a team can have its ups and downs but ultimately we should be all working towards the same goal. By the end of a successful campaign, the hard work, stress and endless cups of tea for the team is all worth it and pays off. There is no better way to say thank you to the team than celebrating by entering the awards with the hope of becoming a finalist or indeed winner. You may even decide to bring the team on the night which is a great way to share in the celebrations!

4. Attracts talent
Not only does entering awards boost morale in the team, it can also help attract talent to the team and build to the team’s reputation within the marketing industry in Ireland. The top talent and new graduates will be researching organisations closely and will want to know why they should accept a role with your organisation or with a competitor. Having the accolade of the CIM Ireland Marketing Awards under our belts is sure to make your team and organisation stand out.

5. Free to enter
In case I didn’t mention – the awards are free to enter! Yes, you do have to spend time on the submission but we have made the entry forms easier to complete this year, so this will not be an onerous task.

Have a look at the award categories and think about how the CIM Ireland Marketing Awards can help you and your organisation.

Good luck!