Unlocking the Power of Measurement

Not a spare seat was to be had at The Mac in Belfast for the above, which highlights the appetite for face-to-face events such as this! Ed Henderson, Planning Director for The Ardmore Group delivered an insightful presentation on why marketing measurement must be back on the agenda for businesses, which prompted lively discussion and questions between speakers and attendees.

Ed was accompanied by digital measurement specialists; Andrew McComb (Co-Head of Consultancy & Services) and Andrew Lemon (Digital Marketing Consultant), who through their own experience and industry expertise helped bring to life, the key principles of marketing effectiveness, and how we can develop a marketing measurement framework.

There were key takeaways for all, applicable to all industry sectors, including (but not limited to) the points below: 

● Measure the right things – it is all about the actionable metrics!
● All touchpoints play a role – focus on the overall spend as campaigns can feed other campaigns.
● Know your customer and their journey to purchase!
● Measuring brand awareness and brand-building.
● An effective measurement framework is critical to success (examples were given).
● Setting objectives and KPIs – Business Objectives drive growth whilst Marketing Objectives contribute to growth.
● Competitor targeting via Google Adwords.
● Email Marketing and Re-engagement.
● Be an expert storyteller when discussing marketing measurement and media budgets!

Last but certainly not least was the point of establishing a measurement culture, which is the key to marketing credibility, unlocking budgets, and getting buy-in from senior decision-makers.

Oh, and a Top Tip!

You do not have to have a PhD in statistics to measure data! Effective software can do it for you!

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