Latest Webinar Express: What the brain reveals about your marketing messages.

The CIM is holding a free webinar on Wednesday 8 October, entitled "What the brain reveals about your marketing messages". It is open to anyone regardless of whether they are a CIM member or not.

Katie Hart will talk about the exciting field of neuroscience which allows us to see, measure and analyse the way customer brains respond to their environment, in real-time.

This will be music to many marketers' ears helping us work out how our customers feel, predict what they like and influence how they regard our promotional materials.

It is thought that 85% of what goes into making decisions is subconscious, and therefore not available to the decision-maker themselves. So while conventional market research cannot interrogate or access the majority of what drives and informs the decisions that are made, neuroscience can!

In this talk, Katie Hart FCIM reveals some of the lessons, insights and opportunities provided by research she recently conducted on behalf of Spotler.

I hope you will be able to join us. The webinar, kindly hosted by CIM South West, will last approximately 40 minutes with a Q&A session after the presentation. The webinar is also CPD eligible.

For further details and to book visit the CIM website here.