Interested in joining the CIM Wales Regional Board?

We are looking to recruit a strong operating Board to drive the mission and vision of CIM forwards in Wales. The Board will consist of senior marketers and practitioners who are both strategic and operational with the ability and willingness to motivate volunteers to deliver results. Our aim is for the Board to be representative of the geography of Wales and we welcome applications from CIM marketers based from all around Wales, from the different industry sectors especially public sector and SME’S and from different marketing disciplines .

Would you like to be part of this team? We have the following opportunities:

Vice Chair opportunities

- Vice Chair Business Community – will focus on establishing links with the Welsh business community and industry sectors and professional bodies and membership associations. The position seeks volunteers with strong networks with the business community in Wales, particularly with SMEs and Public sector institutions.

- Vice Chair Education and Professional Pathways   will focus on the CIM education channels encompassing CIM Graduate Gateways and study centre provision and cover both professional and studying members and aspiring marketers.

- Vice Chair Events and communications – will be responsible for ensuring the Wales Board members deliver a calendar of CPD-led events throughout Wales and provide membership communication of these initiatives. The position requires volunteers with good PR, communication and Event management skills.

Click here for the generic Vice Chair role profile

Each Vice Chair will work with and be supported by a team of Ambassadors (see below)

Vice Chairs need to be of voting CIM Membership grade ie ACIM, MCIM or FCIM.

To apply please indicate the role you are interested in please email us a LinkedIn profile and a personal statement covering the following points :

- What can you bring to this role?
- How would you shape this role?
- How would you recruit and motivate Ambassadors and project teams to deliver the CIM Wales Board objectives?

The closing date is 19th May 2017 and we anticipate that an interview panel will be held for the Vice Chair roles in late May 2017 in central Cardiff.

CIM Ambassador opportunities

Ambassadors will assist Vice Chairs in their areas of focus. Click here for the generic profile. We are specifically looking for Ambassadors with skillsets and networks focusing on the following areas:

- Ambassadors specifically with experience of working with SME’s and the Public sector in Wales to support the Vice Chair Business Community and the agreed activity in this area
- Ambassadors with experience of the Education sector to support the Professional Pathways and Education Vice Chair
- Ambassadors with experience in PR and Membership communications and an Ambassador with experience of delivering Events

Ambassadors can be from any CIM membership grade.

If you are interested in an Ambassador opportunity please email us in the first instance to discuss this.

Future volunteer opportunities

We are also looking to give junior marketers and students studying a marketing discipline an opportunity to develop their careers by involving them in project teams. So, please get in touch with Ceri Rowland,Network Manager Wales if you are interested in learning more and getting involved with CIM in Wales. There will be volunteering opportunities at all levels as the Board and its activities evolve.

Specific opportunities will be posted in the ‘News’ section of this site as and when they are available.