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Wondering how you can get your foot in the door and stand out in a competitive market? Perhaps you’re a junior marketer keen to clinch that big promotion… 

Here, professionals from Wales’ marketing industry, from digital experts to academics and B2B marketers, share their tips on climbing the career ladder. 

    1. Demonstrate your digital skills 

“If you’re interested in a career in digital marketing, then demonstrate your ability to make an impact online through your job application. I’d be really impressed if, for example, I received a well-executed vlog from a candidate or a social media optimised graphic listing the reasons why we should hire them. If there’s a way of actually showing me that you’re creative rather than just telling me you are, then do it!  

Get as much work experience as you can to add colour to your CV, build contacts, and put yourself out there!” — Helen Wild, Equinox  

    1. Get as much work experience as possible! 

“Don’t underestimate the value of getting some work experience. This can really help to set your CV apart from other graduates as it shows you’ve taken the initiative during your studies to try and gain additional skills and experience. It can also be a great way to test out working in slightly different industries and in different roles to help see what you enjoy. During your work experience placement, you’ll also meet lots of new (and useful!) contacts so don’t be afraid to start growing your network and make sure you LinkedIn with all your new contacts as they could be very valuable in the future.” — Rachel Owen, STAEDTLER

    1. Gain insight! 

Learn the data and commercial side of marketing and how you will demonstrate the value of your marketing activity. It’s important to measure the return of your activity in £££ — Sameer Rahman, ResponseOne

    1. Leverage LinkedIn 

If you haven’t already, set up a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is the new digital brochure for a business, and you’ll gain a better insight into the latest news of a business you’re looking at working in then you will from their website. Over 50% of new vacancies are advertised on LinkedIn, and that’s before being posted on an online job board, and this includes apprenticeships and graduate opportunities. Log in or you’ll miss out. — Ruth Williams, Restore Scan

    1. Say thanks after an interview

You probably heard this from your mam, but I’ll say it — thank the interviewer! Email them ‘thanks’ that day, and send them a hard copy thank you note that evening, so they get it in a day or two. In each, mention a different aspect of the interview you enjoyed or reference a specific piece of the conversation. That shows you were paying attention and will also serve to remind them why you were the best candidate. If you don’t get the job, follow the company job page so you can see when their recruiting again, and if they do, get in touch with the person who interviewed you and ask them for a chat before you reapply – they’ll be impressed – I would be! — Ruth Williams, Restore Scan

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