New workshop series for autumn - Supercharge your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

CIM South West is running a series of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) workshops across the region this autumn to help marketers and small business owner/managers fine tune their SEO approach.

The new topic series kicks off in Cheltenham on 25 September, with workshop leader Nick Day, kindly hosted by Kohler Mira Ltd. The half- day workshop will explore SEO fully and give delegates the opportunity to work on their own Google SEO accounts.

Nick Day explains,

“Whilst SEO does take some time and effort it can save a lot of money in the longer term”.

“Google pay-per-click Ads can allow you to buy your way to the top of the search engine, but statistically most people avoid these because they don’t trust them. Organic search listings are more credible and trusted, so the conversion to website visit and then sale, is often higher. This is because the person searching has to use words and phrases that are embedded into your site for it to show, so the chances of you having a viable solution for them is much higher than with Ads.”

The workshop will be full of practical advice and tips to help you maximise your SEO opportunity. The same workshop is being run in Plymouth on 18 October and Taunton on 15 November with workshop leader Sam Charles, with further dates to be announced.

Events running in the South West, organised by the local regional board can be viewed here.