Welcome to the CIM

I want to wish you a very warm welcome to the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Hopefully lectures are beginning to get back to some sort of normality and you can enjoy your marketing lessons face to face and get to know your lecturers. But also, if you are choosing to learn remotely then I hope you enjoy your studies and please remember we are always here to support you.

Life may suddenly seem very busy again now with lectures and assignments and with Christmas – yes, I said it – Christmas on the horizon, I am sure there will be assignments due in shortly. I don’t know about you, but this year already seems to be flying by!

Having completed both the level 4 and 6 whilst in full time employment, both times I found myself getting ever closer to the ‘C’ time (Christmas) and feeling like the time was running out and I didn’t have enough time to fit everything in.

It’s perfectly do-able – take it from someone who has a bad habit of leaving everything to the last minute! But that’s how I work best – under pressure – and it encourages me to focus harder on what I am doing. But that’s not for everyone, the important thing is to work how best suits you. Whether you’re revising for an exam or researching for your assignment, one thing I will say is that you have to work in whichever way suits YOU.

Each year, I like to share my thoughts on time, and I hope you find it useful:

T – Take time

I – Invest time

M – Make time

E – Enjoy the time

T – Take time over your work. Read through every sentence and ensure your referencing is correct. These are easy marks to pick up or lose. Ensure your grammar is correct and that spellcheck has done its job correctly!

I – Invest time over your work. Whether it is setting aside a weekend day or a number of hours each night; when your marks come through and you’ve passed, you’ll be so glad you did and it will be worth it.

M – Make time for study and reading. There are some fantastic marketing books out there and it really is worth reading them. I know it might be easy to go and watch that new drama on tv or do ‘that one job that needs doing’ – but making time to focus on your research / revision will really make all the difference.

E – Enjoy the time you spend on your work. Yes, it might be stressful at times, but that’s all part of the fun. Enjoy the reading and research – there’s so much interesting stuff out there. Attend CIM events and listen to some fantastic speakers. You’ve chosen to do this and so it should be enjoyable.

Whilst starting a new course or a new college or university can seem a bit daunting, the important thing to remember is that these are exciting times and should be lots of fun. I remember my first week at university…I didn’t know anyone and turned up on my first day, said goodbye to my parents and started chatting to those sharing my flat. We were all in the same position and that’s the best bit – everyone is there with the same expectations…meet new people, learn lots of new things and become experts in your chosen subject.

We asked members of the CIM SW Group what their first days starting university were like and any advice they wanted to share:  

“It’s normal to feel apprehensive and unsure, give it time and it will begin to feel like a second home. Be yourself and don’t feel pressure to take part when you don’t want to. Remember there is always student support if you feel you need it, they can help with feelings of loneliness, anxiety and finances. Don’t keep it to yourself, talk about how you are feeling – you will not be the only one!  

Years of study and determination have led you to this point, you have earned the right to be there. Make the most of this time to grow in both your subject, and as a person. It’s a chance to discover new interests and hobbies as well as thinking about your future and that next chapter in your life.”

Sarah Patten, Vice Chair

“My recollections are very positive. The teaching staff were very welcoming and supportive, as well as knowledgeable and enthusiastic. My peer group developed very quickly and some great friendships emerged out of this. As the subject matter was very relevant to me, it was like a buy one get one free in many ways. I found that it was directly transferable to my work, but also supported my trajectory towards positive assessment.  

My tips would be take it seriously, but also enjoy it. Allow a bit of time to acclimatise to your new circumstance, get to know the group, they will be a source of comfort, as well as inspiration and will help to add context to the subject matter in a way that you would never have considered alone. Also remember that you tutors will be subject experts, don't be afraid to dig into this and ask them questions. Get used to reading and note taking as quickly as you can, but don't just take what you read at face value, consider it, reflect on it, and consider application in context. It will change you, but in a really good way.”

Brian Doidge, CIM Ambassador

I wish you all the best with your studies.

Stay safe,

Claire Bryant

Chair, CIM SW Group