We talked to our CIM board to find out ‘Why the CIM?’ and ‘Why do you volunteer?’

As CIM members and volunteers we often get asked, ‘So, why the CIM?’ and ‘Why do you volunteer?’ Being part of the Chartered Institute of Marketing is a fantastic opportunity for many reasons. We talked to our CIM board to find out exactly ‘Why the CIM’?...

I am very proud to be a member of the CIM. It is formal acknowledgement of my professionalism and competence by the world’s foremost marketing body. 

I have met so many amazing people via my membership and continue to do so. There are so many inspirational people involved in the CIM and this cannot help to enthuse me. 

I have been able to do things within the CIM, which would be difficult to access alone and I am always learning because of this. 

Brian Doidge, Chair


The CIM is a professional community where you can network, learn best practice and feel part of something bigger. It gives you access to a multitude of resources, the opportunity to grow your knowledge and gain access to a mentor in your specific sector. You all have the same goal and are heading in the same direction. Whether you are just starting out on your career, or are looking to update your knowledge, the CIM ticks all those boxes and more.

I volunteer to give back, to share my knowledge and skill set with others. I also feel that I would like to make a difference in some way. It provides me with an opportunity to build on my skills, expand my network and gain different experiences that I would not necessarily get at work. It can also take you out of your comfort zone now and again, which is not a bad thing.

Sarah Pattern, Vice Chair


Credibility – clients love the fact that I’m on the Board.  In fact, one mentioned it only this morning when introducing me to a new member of the team…!

Knowledge – a great repository of information including live events and online materials, all easily accessible, that cover off most issues

Personal Branding – linked to credibility is the fact that I can demonstrate my skill levels through the qualifications the CIM offers

Gerry Vincent, Events Ambassador


I joined the CIM as a studying member back in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been lucky enough to study both my Level 4 and 6 CIM qualifications through such a credible, forward thinking marketing body. Being a member means I can access useful resources and helps to gives me credibility.

The best thing is the people I have met. Networking is a brilliant part of the CIM membership. You get to meet lots of different marketers across all different areas of marketing and share best practice. You can never stop learning and being a member of the CIM ensures you don’t.

I love volunteering as part of the SW CIM Board as it has allowed me to meet and work with colleagues I perhaps wouldn’t have met and I get to continue my learning.

Claire Bryant, Vice Chair


I joined the CIM initially to study for my Level 4 qualification to kick-start my marketing career. Having this qualification under my belt, made me stand-out from the crowd when starting my career and applying for marketing roles. Then to propel my marketing theory and career further, I went on to take the Level 6 CIM qualification. Whilst studying for these qualifications not only was I learning valuable theory, but it also allowed me to meet and study with like-minded, interesting people.

I really enjoy volunteering on the SW board for a number of reasons:

  • It adds to my credibility in my day job
  • The people on the Board make it really enjoyable
  • I love being able to give marketing professionals in the SW more resources to help them develop their career

Verity Studley-Wootton, Communications Ambassador

Not a member? Join us! Visit https://www.cim.co.uk/membership/types/ and become a member of this exciting community now!