Spotlight on… Gerry Vincent

Marketing Communications Director

  • At the age of 16, where did you see yourself in 5 years?
    I’d always wanted to be a vet, but the grades were so steep. At the age of 16, I read about marketing in the school library and thought, that’s it!

  • And where were you at the age of 21?
    I took a year out to do a drama course (I was heavily into acting and was offered a place at drama school). But in the end, I went to the University of Sheffield to read Botany (I’m fascinated by nature and if I was going to study for three years, I figured I needed to enjoy it!). I graduated at 23 and went straight into marketing at Diageo.

  • How did you get into your current role?
    I was running my own business but casting around for a board position. Leader came calling…

  • What’s the thing you love most about your job?
    Making a difference! All companies should be marketing led, IMO. I also love the variety, particularly the mix of the creative and data analysis. I’ve always been a puzzle advocate and putting together a strategy is like piecing together a puzzle.

  • If you could give one piece of career advice to aspiring marketers, what would it be?
    Get CIM-trained if you can. There are a lot of people who call themselves marketers who just seem to run social media feeds. Nothing wrong with that, but you need to be fully rounded to be able to make a difference.

  • In another life, your career would have been…
    An actor of course! Or David (Davinia) Attenborough.


This or That?

  1. Tea or coffee? My coffee maker is something I couldn’t do without on a desert island…
  2. Twitter or Facebook? I’m more of an IG fan…
  3. Netflix or Amazon Prime? Prime. You get so much for your money.
  4. Physical book or Kindle? Book.
  5. Chocolate or crisps? Hotel Chocolat is my secret pleasure!
  6. Dog or cat? We have three rescue cats…a houseful.
  7. Beach or poolside? Mountains and lakes please!
  8. Big party or dinner party? Dinner party with friends.
  9. Run or walk? I love trail running. A 7k run up the hill solves most things.  Including my chocolate addiction…
  10. Pop or rock? Rock!