Unsung Hero of 2021

A massive congratulations to Gerry Vincent, who has been confirmed as this year's Unsung Hero of 2021, at the CIM SW Regional Awards.

What the nominations said about Gerry:

Gerry means business and is definitely a safe pair of hands. Always quick to come back with meaningful paragraphs for news articles. She's always keen to help out, and gets actively involved in everything that we're doing. A good sense of humour and so great to have on our board. We love to hear her sparking ideas and making suggestions about the various people that she can influence to become involved.

She has made a huge impact on our events, especially with the online events. She seems to know so many people, and be able to whip them into shape to make great contributions, either through them presenting or getting them to write for us, or both. We think the quality of the contributors that she finds, is and will continue to be, vastly improved, via her great work in this area. She has pulled in some truly fantastic speakers for the CIM SW events, which have had such a positive impact on the registration and attendee numbers. She's also implementing additional comms around this, such as the blogs from our speakers. For example she did a fantastic job in organising the Gordon Seabright event and his guest blog.

She can wave her wand at anytime, to save the day on speakers, and we almost feel that she has a large box of magic tricks (contacts), up her sleeve at any one time!  She truly is very much our epitome of an unsung hero.

Well done Gerry, you are the epitome of an unsung hero!