What is the Mike Warne Event and why does it continue to hold such a special place in the South West and the wider CIM?

When we sadly lost Mike, it was almost inevitable that the local marketing community, would quickly come together to consider a range of appropriate ways to commemorate a man, who was loved and respected in equal measure. Looking back now, it seems almost inevitable that learning would be placed at the very centre of any tribute to his life and work. Such was his passion for the role that marketing education plays in our profession.   

Since the event was formalised, there have been 14 very successful events, dedicated to Mike, who was our South West Regional Director. This year’s, the fifteenth, will be the first remote event in the series. It is already on track to be one our best, if not the very best so far. However trying to pinpoint a single reason, misses the whole point of this event. Its magic is in part of course, because anything that is dedicated to someone as special as Mike, will always come with a serious sense of purpose and a raft of expectations. Not least of which, will be the exemplary record of the events that went before.

The event is very much a tribute to great collaboration from the main parties involved. It is also a tribute to what can happen, when a group of highly motivated students feel suitably empowered. In fact, much of its success is in the things that remains unseen. However, the event’s ability to attract speakers who are not only at the very top of their game, but who are also very engaging is also a contributor. In many ways it like any good recipe, it is the balance, not the dominance that makes it special.

We were of course delighted that the success of the 2020 Mike Warne Event was formally recognised at the CIM Volunteer Awards in July last year. The Innovation of the Year Award, was in many ways a fitting testament to the 2020 Mike Warne Event- The Impact of Neuromarketing, but it was also a recognition of the ones that went before it too. We are very much looking forward to the 26th May to see how this story will continue.

Written by Brian Doidge