CIM Marketing Careers Conference at Plymouth University

CIM Marketing Careers Conference at Plymouth University

Plymouth University held their annual Marketing Careers Conference on Wednesday 14 November 2018 supported by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Adam Jones and Claire Sweet from the CIM South West Regional Board were thrilled to be able to join the University to talk about their roles and their career journeys.

The day-long event played host to around 80 Plymouth University students and eight key speakers, who shared insight into the industry, including how to thrive in marketing in the digital age, building resilience and problem-solving new reactions to technology as well as others sharing their personal marketing careers.

Organised by University of Plymouth Careers Advisor, Emily Packer, the day was split into two: a morning of speakers and an afternoon of three workshops: “Networking with Confidence’ and ‘Finding Work Experience and Placements in Industry’ and ‘Boost Your Personal Branding’ – all key topics for students looking for advice in their future

Adam Jones, Marketing Manager for Aerospace Bristol and the CIM South West’s Tourism Marketing Ambassador, who shared his experience of his role so far, said: “The Marketing Careers Conference was a fantastic event to be a part of. It was a pleasure to speak to the students about my role as Marketing Manager at Aerospace Bristol, and I greatly enjoyed listening to the other speakers’ presentations. I was also very impressed by how engaged the students were and the excellent questions many of them asked during the talks and networking sessions.”

Claire Sweet, Associate Channel Manager for Mira Showers and the CIM South West’s Student and Education Ambassador, said: “I remember being at this stage in my career; just about to finish university and thinking about what I was going to do next. I wanted my talk to be about taking the pressure off. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do and wanted to share that that is ok and as long as you keep learning and put 100% into all the opportunities that come your way then you really can achieve anything. It was an honour to take part in the event and I wish all the students the best for the future.”