How we are encouraging member engagement in the South West through our LinkedIn Group

Author: Kath Dawson

The South West Regional Board want to encourage discussion and engagement within the community so we consulted members of our 500 strong Linkedin Group CIM Community - South West, to gather their thoughts. The consensus was that we should concentrate efforts on developing the LinkedIn Group by posting discussion topics every couple of weeks and encouraging members to contribute.

What's your favourite marketing podcats - CIM South West LinkedIn group discussion

The first topic for discussion was “What’s your favourite marketing or business podcast?” A great topic suggested by group member, Benjamin Barnes. We asked members to jump in and tell us what they thought about podcasts:

- Love them or hate them?
- When do you listen to them?
- Long or short format?
- Which subscription service do you use?

Sixteen different members have contributed to the discussion so far and we have some fantastic suggestions to inspire the community:

Adam Jones suggested: Startup – A show about what it’s really like to start a business saying, “I thought the first series of StartUp offered a really interesting insight into starting a business.”

Nicola Hardy said, “I like to listen to the Marketing Week podcasts if I get the chance, good mix of interviews, survey, trends, new technologies etc. Worth a listen.”

Stefano Pucello said, “I listen to various podcasts while I’m driving. I also love “The Economist” and listen to the audio version on a weekly basis. Since my interest in digital I would highly recommend the Digital marketing podcast.”

Luan Wise said, “I love a podcast for a long journey (car or train), but if I'm driving it has to be one that doesn't require note-making! I'll look for specific podcasts if they have a guest interview with someone I admire e.g. Seth Godin. I particularly like Marketing Over Coffee.

Mark Davis said, “I'm also into Rory Sutherland at the moment ted talks or podcasts he appeals to my sense of fair play, humour and common sense approach to customer behaviours.”

Reassuring another member, Tunde Awe said, “I don’t do Podcasts either. So, you’re not alone. However, I seek out audiovisual materials based on need. I’ve listened to and/or watched some at, Coursera and edX.”

Bernard Allen said, “I've realised I mostly listen to entertainment podcasts, usually on long journeys. I've come across a couple of Tim Ferris's and he does get to interview some really interesting people. Other than that, I catch a few TED talks, but that's it.” Tim Ferris gets a second vote from Alastair Banks.

Sara Patten suggested A Baker’s Dozen of the Best Customer Service Podcasts saying, “A bit of everything, interesting customer service insights!”

Helen Christopher says, “Not one particular favourite but I do like LinkedIn Training and Tutorials. You can choose from a multitude of disciplines and how much time you have to watch, so if you need a quick 10-minutes overview or something more comprehensive, then it’s great!”

Kath Dawson said, "My own gem was recommended to me recently… It’s called Business Wars and it tells the story of battle of the toy giants Mattel and Hasbro. It’s a very different style but quite fascinating to listen too, I had to take it from the car and carry on listening while I walked round Tesco’s, a real 'page turner'!"

So there you have it, 10 wonderfully inspirational suggestions from our very own members.

Our next topic will be… "What is the marketing automation process you couldn’t do without?" If you want to take part in the discussion, join the group here and jump in.