Most brand owners are fighting to win customers, deepen loyalty and deposition their rivals – in less time, with smaller budgets and a sense that change is happening faster than ever before.

So, they’ve sweated the fine details of their visual identity to help their brand create impact.  But often their brand voice is defined as just four adjectives on a page.

When there are more channels than ever before – and consumers expect to be in dialogue with the brands they love – how can you define your brand’s tone of voice so that it’s just as powerful as your visual identity?

Is language really the fastest, cheapest, marketing tool you’re not using? In this fast-paced talk Chris shows how all brand voices work on three levels, how you can define those levels and get everyone using the brand voice from day one.

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Speaker: Chris West, CEO and Founder

Chris West is the Founding Partner of Verbal Identity, considered the world’s most successful strategy agency specialising in the power of language. His firm has guided global and national brands, relaunches and start-ups, from B2B and B2C to tech and luxury and everything in between, including LVMH, BASF, the John Lewis Partnership, TOMS, and the global skincare growth brand Votary. A multi-award-winning copywriter, Chris also contributes to national newspapers and guest lectures at business schools.