The rise of the metahumans – imagination made real

As marketers we are considered the creative force within an organisation – tasked with providing inspiration and ‘cutting edge’ experiences to the way we attract and engage our target audience. Staying ahead and standing out from the crowd are an ever-shifting goal.

With the metaverse knocking, how can B2B and B2C marketing harness the digital innovation this technology is offering? Typically the domain of large enterprise organisations with large budgets - lifelike, fully customisable metahumans are now accessible for every business – and they offer the chance to radically ‘humanise’ the experience you build for your customers and prospects alike.

Watch now to discover:

• Virtual influencers – how consumer brands are creating virtual ambassadors
• Scaling up personalisation – language, gender, culture – you choose, all at the touch of a button
• Customer service - humanising the chat bot experience
• Marketing experience videos – hyper real engagement, specific to your company’s brand personality

Speakers: Virginia Bray, Co-Founder of Marketing Fusion, Roy Kimani, Creative Director at CUBE, and Co-founder and CEO of Charisma, Guy Gadney.