Turn up the volume: Amplify culture and make a difference

Jacobs is a global company with 55,000 employees in over 40 countries delivering solutions to create a more connected, sustainable world. It has transformed itself from a traditional engineering and design business into to a high value technology solutions business with deep capability in energy, intelligence, infrastructure, cybersecurity and space exploration. A vibrant brand and culture are playing an essential role in the transition putting marketing and communications front and centre of the journey to higher growth sectors.

Nigel’s Presentation will cover:
• The challenges of integrating new organisational acquisitions in a virtual world
• Jacob’s workplace values and culture and how the culture is being amplified
• The importance of inclusion and diversity, and the difference between the two
• How the marketing and communications teams introduced a new corporate brand positioning to signal the move to solutions and empower employees to tell their story

The session is suitable for anyone in a marketing, communications or business role who wants to learn about how brand, value and culture can help businesses pivot to new services and markets.

Speaker:- Nigel Dove, Director of Marketing and Communications at Jacobs