Top Tips from Laura Lee, Global Marketing Manager at Samuel Knight International

Laura Lee is Global Marketing Manager at Samuel Knight International. Here she shares her marketing top tips.

Growing up I had always wanted to be a fashion designer, but I moved schools quite late in the exam system and missed taking Art and Textiles, so I thought Business Studies would be a good move. After studying Business and Marketing, I realised the creativity that a career in Marketing could bring and how experimental, exciting, innovative and ever-changing this industry could be!

Having worked in marketing for over a decade, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a wide range of roles and sectors, been part of some amazing teams, found out that I am best placed and happy working in-house rather than agency and experienced highs, lows, and challenges throughout that has shaped my career to where it is today.

I feel excited about what is next, what I could be part of, and what I could help to build. In my role as Global Marketing Manager for Samuel Knight International, we are gearing up for expansion in the USA. So exciting, and I feel very lucky to be part of it all.

Don't get caught up on titles

One thing I have learned in my career is not to be caught up on a job title, your role is always likely to be more varied from what is advertised and that is a good thing! Learn everything you can and think about the sector/working culture/areas of marketing you enjoy the most. I would also suggest not to fixate on your current skillset when applying for your next role, don’t limit yourself– keep learning, keep growing, and keep seeking new opportunities.

Get a mentor

The best thing I did was get a mentor – this was probably one of the best pieces of advice I have received. You can be at any stage of your career and still need advice, guidance, and support. When you work in a solo marketing role, like me, I have benefitted from sharing ideas, challenges or another perspective to help me decide on the best course of action, or just as a general brainstorm!

Community matters

It is not always who you know, but it can help to tap into your network. It’ great to bounce ideas around, see what others in the marketing world are getting up to, meet new contacts, and build new relationships with potential suppliers, clients, or perhaps your next employer! I’ve made some good lifelong friends from attending events, so when we all can venture out again, get up and go to that morning coffee event! Once you have gone to a few, you will know which ones are worth continuing to attend and offer value. Joining CIM has also been an excellent addition – from attending events, building contacts, learning from peers and the range of courses on offer that can be applied to your day-to-day marketing operations is great.

Everyone will have an opinion

Be prepared that everyone has a creative opinion on marketing matters, listen yes, and apply change where necessary but remember opinion is subjective and you are the person that has been appointed to deliver. Take on board feedback and don’t take it personally when it’s something you might not want to hear. I value feedback – I see the wider team as an extension of the marketing department, they are integral to brand perception, buying into campaigns, and supporting your efforts – so get them involved!

Mistakes can be blessings

I believe that what you might deem as a mistake at first, often turns out to be a blessing or a lesson that you can learn from - when I was in my mid-20’s I was keen to progress and my competitive nature meant I wanted to get ahead. I was offered a job that I thought would advance my career - going against my gut feeling that I wouldn’t enjoy it, the work, or the culture. I moved on quickly from that role and started working for an exciting and supportive start-up venture.

Trust your instinct. You will know if it is your next marketing move.