The secret to how successful brands achieve unstoppable growth

The fastest growing and most valuable brands stand apart from competitors. They attract and motivate talent to work for them. They are magnets for loyal customers. How do you create a brand like this? You take a position. Occupying a distinct space in the market, and in people’s minds, gives brands unstoppable momentum. Studies of the best-performing brands researched by leading academics and international institutions, validate this.

In this talk Rob Gray, Strategy and Managing Partner at brand agency Squad, will show you how to give your brand unstoppable momentum by taking a position. Rob will share this unique approach Squad use for building positions for high-growth scale-ups to established global brands by working from the inside out, fusing both strategic and creative skills.

You’ll come away with the following:

• Knowledge of the three components needed to find your brand's position
• Understanding how to create propulsion by turning strategic vision into creative action
• Practical examples from real-life case studies
• Tools and processes you can apply straight away

Speaker: Rob Gray, Strategy/Managing Partner at Squad