What kind of can opener are you? The first CIM Marketing club at UEA

We are excited to announce that our first ever Marketing Club in partnership with the Business School at UEA took place recently, and what a success it was with local agency Foolproof joining us to talk about User Experience!

The evening was attended by both Business Students and local marketing professionals, giving those attending the opportunity to network with both experienced marketers and the marketers of the future.

To find out what kind of can operner you are... and for more information about the event, click here to pop over to the UEA’s site to read Student Representative Sarah Hindley’s account of the evening. Watch this space for details of our next Marketing Club event.

About Sarah

Some descriptionSarah is a third year undergraduate studying Marketing and Management at the University of East Anglia.  She has a strong interest in pursuing a marketing career, particularly brand management and is currently the Student Representative for the newly formed CIM/NBS Marketing Club at UEA.