CIM Innovation of the Year Award 2020

We are delighted to confirm that the 2020 Mike Warne Event - The Impact of Neuromarketing, has been formally recognised at the CIM Volunteer Awards. The CIM Innovation of the Year Award, is awarded to a new initiative, event or comms campaign, which is not only innovative, but is something that exemplifies best practice and has scalability.

Since the annual event launched in 2007, it has become renowned as one of the highlights in CIM’s calendar, honouring the memory of the late Mike Warne, a CIM Regional Director who was a strong advocate of building relationships between aspiring marketing students and CIM. Each year since its inception, there has been an inevitable pressure, to not only demonstrate a huge respect, for the fond memories of Mike, but also for the purpose and legacy of the event’s heritage and character.

With a goal of taking us out to the very edges of what we know as marketers, the organising teams always strive to be even better than those that have gone before. On the 26th February 2020, we definitely witnessed the result of this in action, when three leading names from the world of marketing who were invited by the team, shared their vision and experiences of this emerging topic in very purposeful and engaging way.

This year the team of final year Marketing Communication students at Bournemouth University and members of the South West Regional Board of the CIM, designed the event in a way that allowed us see how Neuromarketing is emerging as an exciting concept and helped us to look its role in modern practice, with a fresher and better informed perspective. Our thanks go to all of those involved in making it such a great success and well done on this amazing achievement.