“Professionalism in Modern Practice” at Wilshire College and University Centre

CIM South West Regional Chair Brian Doidge was recently invited to Wiltshire College and University Centre to share his thoughts around professionalism within modern professional practice.

His presentation was framed by five key themes i.e.

• Context
• Competence
• Commitment
• Confidence
• Contribution

Brian began by explaining how the operating context is getting increasingly dynamic and how macro level forces impact upon us and provided examples of regulatory requirements and the role of compliance. Brian outlined relevant examples from a range of professional competencies, including management, marketing and teaching, to illustrate how we clearly have a demanding person specification as professionals. In addition, the presentation highlighted how competence and commitment in particular, can clearly link to our employability. Whereby Brian used a number of examples to illustrate how modern professional practice is also about how we make the most of our own employability skills and how we build on them.

One question he posed for example was, “Does having the qualities that society connects with trained and skilled people, (such as effectiveness, skill, organization, and seriousness of manner) have any links to employability?” Another was, “Will having the necessary ability, knowledge/ skill to do a job successfully, coupled with our willingness to give our time and energy to something that we believe in, help us along our journey towards professionalism and employability?” Which sparked some constructive thought provoking reflection from the group. The presentation concluded with some observations around how modern professionals can clearly show that by their efforts, our organisations are better places because of this. The impact of contribution, Brian argued, was key and he expanded into some observations around performance, change, relationships and reputation before closing.

Julia Gillard who organised the event on behalf of Wiltshire College and University Centre commented that: “Professionalism is a pivotal attribute in all aspects of the education and training sector so it was very beneficial for our trainees to hear Brian's perspective on professionalism, viewed through the lens of business and marketing.”