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One year on from the first lockdown

Posted on: 05/04/21 | South-West

We often hear the phrase ‘every day is a school day’ and the past 12 months has certainly been a time of learning and revising. Stepping out of comport zones, exploring new ways of delivering events and with advertising plans out the window, it was definitely a time to get creative!


Stress and Building Resilience

Posted on: 03/04/21 | South-West

Stress is a tough one. No one is going to be able to escape some level of pressure in their life. Like many people, I have had to deal with major pressures in work and at home. Sometimes the stars have just conspired against me (I call it m-aligned) and I have faced both pressures simultaneously.


Self-coaching can be very powerful. It is all about helping yourself to grow and develop to achieve both your professional and personal goals. Whilst having your own coach and self-coaching are very different, we can all benefit from thinking about and working on our own goals.