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World Book Day 2021

Posted on: 04/03/21 | South-West

Today marks World Book Day and, to celebrate, we asked some of the CIM South West’s board members to share their favourite books…


Because the media loves a hero and a simple story, the “hero” in most business turnaround stories always seems to be the person who swings the axe, cuts the headcount and brings costs back in line with revenue. Job done, the organisation still exists, and everyone can move on to the next story.


The Return of the QR Code

Posted on: 20/02/21 | South-West

Whether you were entering a supermarket or a restaurant, the local doctor’s surgery or a coffee shop, you had to scan the code with your smartphone in order to leave a trace on the NHS Track and Trace app so you could be contacted had you been in an area with someone who had tested positive for Covid.


What is the Geneva Guerrieri Award?

Posted on: 19/02/21 | South-West

When we gathered for the 2018 Mike Warne Event at Bournemouth University, the day before the famous Beast from the East arrived, little could we have imagined that one of the main contributors to that evenings success, would be graduating posthumously before the end of the year.