The CIM South West Group Welcomes Chris Slack

The CIM SW Group is excited to announce that Senior Marketing Manager, Chris Slack, has joined the team, looking after social media.

In his day job, you can find Chris as the Senior Strategic Marketing Manager for NSF, an organisation focused on protecting and improving human health, covering the marketing of global services for medical devices & IVD’s, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, dietary supplements and personal care.

Chris first got involved marketing whilst at secondary school for a tropical butterfly farm and went on to study Advertising and Marketing at Lancaster University, then the CIM and other professional qualifications. He said: “I most enjoy the variety of the discipline and some of my early tutors at Lancaster taught me that marketing is a craft, combining both art and science. It provides the opportunity to work alongside all corporate functions and it gives you access to all levels of a business from C-suite right down to tactical levels, this ensures there is always something to learn. I’ve worked in many different sectors from market research, retail through to white goods and then into the world of beverages via flavours and ingredients and then through food supply to health sciences.”

Chris is looking forward to being part of the SW CIM Group and says: “I enjoy developing new skills, making new contacts, and hearing different industry and sector perspectives. The CIM aligns with these values, provides a sense of community and I’d like to further that goal by helping drive some conversation. Conversation is a two-way thing and so I’d love to hear from the CIM membership and those affiliated with the social networks and raise some relevant topic/discussions that will help us start to learn from each other.”

Claire Bryant, Chair of the SW CIM Group, said: “A really warm welcome to Chris - it’s absolutely fantastic to have him join our team. He has already hit the ground running and I’m sure you can already see the new life he has given to our social media platforms! Making more use of these platforms and becoming more informative to the SW CIM members is a key area of focus for us and Chris is already doing a sterling job.”

You can follow the CIM @CIMinfo_sw or join us on Linked In at the CIM Community – South West.