Some descriptionSome descriptionClaire Sweet is CIM South West’s student ambassador and Global Brand Manager for Triton Tools at Powerbox International.

I remember attending my graduation for my CIM Level 4 at the local theatre a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. To attend a graduation, really gives you that sense of achievement and is a great occasion that you can share with your family who have been there making tea and providing snacks when you’ve had your head in a book or glued to the computer to get that last assignment finished!

I had a 'Save the Date' posted through for my Level 6 graduation locally and was excited to be attending this one too; but I was even more thrilled when I heard that the Chartered Institution of Marketing itself would be holding a graduation to celebrate those who had completed their Level 6 or 7.

The event took place at the Barbican in London and I knew I just had to attend – what a great opportunity to share your day with and hear from some great speakers including the Chair of the CIM Leigh Hopwood and to get that real feeling of recognition for your achievement.

Arriving at the event, it was great to meet some fellow students from not only the UK but from around the world who had made the trip to London to graduate. It really makes you remember what a fantastic world-wide organising the CIM is and how awesome it is to be a part of it.

There were over 100 students graduating and it was great to see so many marketers attending this event, each of us taking to the stage to shake hands with Leigh and Professor John Egan FCIM, Chair of the Learning Advisor Group.

The guest speech came from Cesar Lastra FCIM (Consumer Insight and Innovation Leader, Cambridge Design Partnership and Founding Director of Bash and Build). He gave us some great insights into his thinking and the ‘Believe-Bash-Build’ approach, about innovation, collaboration and testing / learning. You can learn more by visiting

Although the event only lasted just under an hour, it was a great opportunity to don that mortar board and enjoy the moment of graduating with the CIM.