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Following on from CIMs launch of 50 North East Marketing Greats, they invite you to meet Kari Owers, who has built her communications agency, O in the North East and wants see marketing talent retained in the region.

The initiative aims to develop and retain marketing talent in the North East region.  Diane Earles, Network Manager for CIM, explains "Through the 'Marketing Greats' we want to provide insight into the importance of a strategic marketing function and to inspire both existing marketing professionals and young people considering a career in marketing.  Each 'Marketing Great' is profiled in an online case study which includes their words of wisdom for aspiring marketers alongside their career story and why they enjoy working in the region."  She continued, "Developing our original 'Great North East Brands' initiative, which ran for a number of years, 'Marketing Greats' provides a regional platform for marketing to be recognised as having a key role in business growth while celebrating the number of senior marketers located in the North East." 

Like Kari, who launched O Communications in 2005 which has now grown to become a multi award-winning agency, recently named as a PR Week 'Best Agency Outside London' finalist.  Kari said, "O loves the North East!  The lifestyle and business community are second to none, and technology and travel means our clients outside the region can be reached easily.  Our team enjoys bringing clients to Newcastle and they always want to come back once they've visited us."  She continued, "I think those in the North East should be far more aware that working in the creative sector doesn't mean you have to move to London - great employers are on their doorstep and I hope the North East Marketing Greats initiative inspires them to build their careers here."

The 50 'North East Marketing Greats' profiles can be found at