Some descriptionCIM in the Midlands has set a series of learning and development objectives for the region, based around challenging the way, as marketers, we go about our day-to-day practice. Aiming to get Universities and practicing marketers together to share new research to fundamentally question the way we go about our profession and to develop new and different ways of “doing” marketing jobs.

In response, to stay on top of new developments, we’ve built a panel of academics from the region’s Universities, to provide new insight and to challenge practice. Together we have run a series of 12 “Challenging Practice” events at regional Universities, developed a close working relationship with the British Academy of Management and secured research funding for the region to start researching “marketing-as-practice” i.e. how as professional marketers we can increase our influence and make an increasing difference to organisations. Culminating in the regional “Challenging Marketing  Practice” event, in June this year, at Aston Business School, where CIM CEO, Chris Daly delivered his keynote presentation of the current challenges faced by the profession. This, first phase of development is complete, and the on-going activity will run on into the future.

Phase two of our plan is next and we’re looking for three key individuals, as ambassadors on the regional board, to work with the regional Vice-Chair to make a further difference to learning and development in the region. Our plan is to get future marketers in the region closer to the profession and, importantly, to the Institute, by establishing a series of student “marketing societies” at regional Universities, further integrating our studying members into the regional community and bringing together future marketers to help them build and develop their future practice.

We’re looking for three ambassadors each with different but complementary skills and experience:

Ambassador, Universities: Having recently graduated, and still in touch with their University, this ambassador needs to have worked closely with or led a student society through its development. The ideal candidate will be networked into the region’s community of University marketing students, have an understanding of the marketing profession, along with possessing the ability to work with practicing marketers, organise events and manage projects.

Ambassador, Studying Members: Currently working in a marketing role and recently graduated as a studying member of the institute, this ambassador needs to have directly contributed to the development of their and other’s CIM learning experience whilst a studying member. They will have a vision for how CIM studying members can become active members of the region’s community and how to develop their future practice. An ability to lead groups of volunteers, organise events and manage projects is essential.

Ambassador, Further Education: With direct experience of working in further education colleges and teaching on CIM programmes, this Ambassador role is focussed on connecting the region’s ongoing activity with the FE sector. Holding a passion for all things CIM, this individual must have an ability to scope the potential size and scale of regional volunteer activity aimed at FE.  The candidate will develop and manage a program of activity and have the ability to lead groups of volunteers, organise events and manage projects is essential.

Now is an exciting time for the marketing profession and CIM in the Midlands. The roles presented above are a perfect opportunity for those who want to influence and shape the future of marketing and its future professionals.

If you want to help make that difference, contact Keith Glanfield by e-mailing indicating the role that is of interest.