Some descriptionMany students across Universities in the Midlands Region intend to pursue a marketing career. Whether studying marketing as a major, or as a component part of their degree, many consider marketing as an exciting and fulfilling career option.

The question is what marketing career do students want? Is it working B2C, B2B or agency-side? Is their career to be more focussed towards insight, proposition development, marketing communications and so on? These questions, and others like them, students need to answer before entering the job and graduate recruitment market.
As part of the region's learning and development strategy we’d like to do our bit to help, by working more closely with University student marketing societies. They augment the traditional academic side of University, by providing practical insight into how the marketing profession works in practice. To do this we’d like to support these societies by helping identify guest speakers for their events.

Speakers who can talk about how particular elements of the profession work. Members of the Institute offer a wealth of knowledge that we’d like to connect to the marketers of the future.

If you’d like to spend a little time doing this, in the first instance, please e-mail Dr Keith Glanfield, vice-chair for education and learning on providing a very short biography and an indication of the subject you’d like to talk about.

As always everyone’s ongoing help and support is much appreciated.