Some descriptionWe have a workshop with a difference planned in May and we need your input.  Our copywriting workshop will not only be jam packed with great examples from our speaker but with your work too. Richard Groom of Peterborough Copywriting Bureau is asking all delegates to send in examples of their work and he will include them in the workshop.

This hands-on workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn from each other, try out some techniques, and share your own experiences and techniques. The emphasis on learning will continue after the event as attendees will get free online access to an extended article that covers all of the subject matter from the workshop.

If you are involved in writing copy you won’t want to miss this event that will cover:
•  Gathering the ‘awesome’ information you need to write product copy that your target audience might actually read.
•  Doing the fact checking that is a must when writing press releases – and everything else.
•  How to stop a blog from being a thinly-veiled one-sided PR piece.
•  Practical processes (not ‘best practice’) for writing email subject lines and blog titles.
•  Getting information from people who are far too busy to talk to you.
•  Developing the thick skin that every writer needs (do you hate it when people tear apart your copy?).
•  What to do before you write a word to improve the likelihood that you will produce what your boss is looking for.
•  How to make imagery integral to your writing, and not just an afterthought.

Join us on 03 May at the Holiday Inn Express Northampton. Registration and networking is from 09:00; the event starts at 09:30 and finishes at 13:00.

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