Spotted: Nike, Benefit and Mondelez London campaigns

Have you seen the latest campaigns focused on the capital? Nike’s strategy of hothousing excitement for the brand in key cities sees the launch of a pacey new ad that’s gained 5 million views in just 3 weeks. Benefit sent pink-clad astronauts across the Millennium Bridge and around town to draw attention to the lightweight space-tech ingredients used in its new mascara product. Meanwhile, Mondelez has developed its Easter campaign with a woodland Creme Egg camp in Shoreditch that carries forward the nationwide hunt for white Creme Eggs. Promoting the capital as a fashion and design centre Anya Hindmarch added Valentine’s Day inspired inflatable balloons in the shape of ‘chubby hearts’ to well-known London landmarks.

Nike: Nothing Beats a Londoner #LDNR

While Andrew Tenzer, head of group insight at Trinity Mirror argues in Campaign that the latest Nike London ad is arrogant and will alienate those outside the city, the majority have lauded this as advertising gold.

‘Nothing beats a Londoner’ is a funny, 3-minute spot that’s jam-packed with London celebrities and regular young Londoners, who aren’t afraid to show their competitive side with appearances from the likes of Skepta, Gareth Southgate and Mo Farah. Wieden and Kennedy shot the film in conjunction with Riff Raff Films across locations from Dalston to Brixton.

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Each would-be sportsperson explains the challenges they face only to have someone else exclaim “Are you serious?”  or comment, “Lucky!” before passionately talking about the even tougher trials they face. Could this have been inspired by the Monty Python ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ sketch? In it, each man looks back at their poor upbringing and the hardships they faced, only to have another man chip in with “you were lucky…” and add their own tale of woe until the stories get ever more ludicrous.

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The ad was shared by influencers in sport, fashion and London life, including London mayor Sadiq Khan, before going viral. This tweet from Stephen Lepitak, Editor of The Drum, typifies the positive response to the ad.


Design: Chubby Hearts Over London #CHUBBYhearts

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Described as a love letter to London, Anya Hindmarch is the creative force behind the chubby hearts design project. London landmarks felt the love as huge inflatable red hearts popped up over or under their structures. Each day the balloons shifted to a new spot, to put the focus on a different London location. Balloons proudly flew above Battersea Power Station and nestled inside Wellington Arch amongst many London sites.

The initiative began appropriately enough on Valentine’s Day and continued throughout London Fashion Week. This design project has support from the British Fashion Council, the Mayor of London and the City of Westminster. Like many design projects the concept could only be brought to life with some serious collaboration amongst a host of London organisations where the big idea met brilliant implementation.

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Creme Egg hunting season 2018

Around 370 white Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are believed to be in circulation. Anyone who finds one can win a cash prize of up to £2,000. It’s all part of Mondelez’s latest Easter egg hunt. In London’s Shoreditch a pop-up woodland camp appeared for five weeks in January and February. Visitors could enjoy all things chocolatey, and join in the hunt.

In this interview for Campaign magazine, Aislinn Campbell brand manager for Creme Eggs at Mondelez International explains the thinking behind the campaign.

Benefit: incoming mission #outofthisworld

Pink astronauts took one small step for womankind by appearing around London to launch BADgal BANG mascara from Benefit. The stunt was inspired by the fine aero particles used in the new product which are ultra-light materials, more commonly used in space technology apparently. Astronauts took to the Millennium Bridge, travelled on the tube and walked down Carnaby Street creating a buzz of interest.

Shifting location, influencers attended the product launch in the Maldives and were gifted with products in a space-themed rocket pack, with more launch events closer to home.

The London astronauts and Maldives launch are part of a campaign that includes space-pod themed product trial experiences in Cardiff, Manchester and here at Bluewater Shopping Centre. It’s all about raising awareness and providing opportunities to try out the product by hitting not just the beauty media, but generating awareness amongst a wider audience through this visual PR stunt.