Workshop: does brand loyalty exist?

Some descriptionA huge 69% of consumers said that rewards make them more likely to choose a brand and 62% of consumers feel that the brands they’re most loyal to have not done enough to reward them… so where does that leave brands and marketers?

At this evening workshop session on 28 February 2018 you’ll learn basic loyalty principles and discover what takes a consumer from a one-time buyer to a brand advocate. You’ll also learn how to use data responsibly for insights and to generate profitable, long-term relationships.

Your speakers

John Lyons is Managing Director, Europe at Brandmovers, the global leader in digital promotions and loyalty. He has over 20 years agency experience in digital marketing, engagement and social media for a broad range of clients. He is also interested in behavioural psychology as it applies to consumer experience and a strong advocate of qualitative insight and big data. He is a former LSBU graduate and part-time lecturer.

Courtney Cesari is Director of Business Strategy, Europe at Brandmovers, the global leader in digital promotions and loyalty. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University, an MBA and Master’s of General Management from Stockholm School of Economics, she has over 15 years of experience in international marketing and communications, brand building and consumer engagement.

About this Marketing Club

This event is the next in a series of events being held at the London South Bank University by the newly formed CIM/LSBU marketing club. The aim of the club is to give practicing marketers an opportunity to take some time-out, challenge thinking, learn new skills and share experiences with the next generation of marketing talent.

Date and place

28 February 2018, from 18:00 to 20:30

Room K806
London South Bank University
Keyworth Building
Keyworth Street

Some description  Elephant & Castle, Lambeth North, Borough

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CPD category: Technical: Brand

Duration: 1.5 hours

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