Notes from the CIM Irelands Awards launch

by Eileen Donaghey, CIM Communications Ambassador

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Last month, I had the pleasure of hearing Ciara Dilley, Senior Director, Transformation Innovation Portfolio of Pepsico speak at the launch of the 2018 CIM Awards Ireland. Ciara shared some of her experiences with the audience and I was reminded of the need of innovation in my own day-to-day work. One tool that Ciara uses with her team which particularly pricked my attention is what she calls ‘Retrospective.’ This particularly struck me as it is something any marketing team can use – and it’s free! The tool really helps to ground you and opens discussion within teams working on specific campaigns.

How does it work?

Retrospective works through three simple steps which can be used on a campaign or project. Take a moment to consider:

1. What’s going well
Recognise what is working well in the campaign, whether it is input from a particular team member, a type of content that proved more popular than expected or it could be stronger engagement on a particular social media platform. By recognising what is working your plan can be altered to help improve the campaign.

2. Where did we get stuck?
By saying ‘where did we get stuck’ what you’re doing is finding out if there are any issues or problems experienced. If this is used properly in a team people won’t feel ganged up on or accused of something because of the non-confrontational language used. If you ask your team members to write down steps 1 and 2 it means that they have time to reflect themselves. This is particularly useful to use in case there is conflict between team members or if ideas aren’t working as planned.

3. What can we do differently?
Combining points one and two will help provide clarity in the team to understand how to move forward. If people are on board with the facts of the first two points it means that you are able to talk through the next steps in a practical and clear way.

While this technique seems very simple it is actually very effective, and I think, could be very powerful if used in the right way. The event made me reflect on what I think ‘innovation’ is and has changed my perspective to it. The tool Ciara mentioned above is super simple and can be used by anyone, in any team, in any country. Innovation doesn’t mean over-complicating things or throwing a lot of money at an issue (which I had thought before).

Ciara’s talk was very fitting to launch the CIM Awards as it has definitely made me reflect on my current project and consider what has been working and what could be better! Now that the awards are officially open, we are calling all marketers on the island of Ireland to reflect on their own marketing campaigns and consider entering this year.

To view the categories and the requirements go here.